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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoilfieldoil‧field /ˈɔɪlfiːld/ noun [countable]  TPGHEGan area of land or sea under which there is oil
Examples from the Corpus
oilfieldThe Wytch Farm oilfield started production from the Bridport reservoir at the rate of 4000 barrels a day in 1978.As more oilfields were discovered, petroleum products increased by more than 16 times in the 1920s.Five more oilfields were producing oil from the North Sea continental shelf in 1976, including the massive Brent and Alpha fields.The purpose of the visit was to review North Sea technologies with a view to utilising them in their own oilfields.The Gurkhas occupy a depth position around the oilfields.In particular the positions around the vital bridges across the river lying between the oilfields and the enemy must be secured.The oilfield was close to the Los Padres National Forest, then tinder dry.