Sense: 1-3, 6-9
Date: 1600-1700
Language: Modern Latin
Origin: Greek khaos 'empty space'; CHAOS
Sense: 4-5
Date: 1900-2000
Origin: gasoline


1 noun
gas1 S1 W2 plural gases or gasses
1 [uncountable and countable]HC a substance such as air, which is not solid or liquid, and usually cannot be seen:
hydrogen gas
toxic/poisonous/noxious gases
a cloud of toxic gas
a gas cylinder/bottle (=for storing gas)
greenhouse gas
2 [uncountable]TPG a clear substance like air that is burned for heating or cooking
Can you light the gas for me?
The explosion was caused by a gas leak from the water heater.

gas mark 4/5/6 etc

British English a measurement of the temperature of a gas oven
4 [uncountable] American EnglishTT also gasoline a liquid made from petroleum, used mainly for producing power in the engines of cars, trucks etc [= petrol British English]
I probably spend over $200 a month on gas.
The mechanic found a hole in the gas tank.

the gas

American English the gas pedal of a car [= accelerator]:
We stepped on the gas (=pushed down the gas pedal and made the car go faster) and sped away.
6 [uncountable] a clear substance like air that is used for medical reasons, for example to make people feel less pain or make them sleep during an operation:
an anaesthetic gas
laughing gas
7 [uncountable] a type of gas used as a weapon, because it harms or kills people when they breathe it in:
mustard gas
nerve gas, poison gas, tear gas
8 [uncountable] American English informalMID the condition of having a lot of air in your stomach [= wind British English]

a gas

American English old-fashioned spoken something that is fun and makes you laugh a lot

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