have a/some/no etc bearing on something

to have an effect or influence on something, or not have any effect or influence:
Exercise has a direct bearing on how healthy you are.

lose your bearings

a) to become confused about where you are:
I completely lost my bearings in the dark.
b) to become confused about what you should do next:
young men who have lost their bearings in a changing society

get/find your bearings

a) to find out exactly where you are:
He paused to get his bearings.
b) to feel confident that you know what you should do next:
An introduction session helps new students get their bearings.
4 [singular, uncountable] the way in which you move, stand, or behave, especially when this shows your character
5 [countable]SGTM technical a direction or angle that is shown by a compass:
learning to take a compass bearing
6 [countable]T technical a part of a machine that turns on another part, or in which a turning part is held ball bearing

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