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borderborder2 verb  1 SGP[intransitive, transitive] if one country, state, or area borders another, it is next to it and shares a border with it countries that border the Mediterraneanborder on The area borders on the Yorkshire Dales.2 EDGE[transitive] to form a border along the edge of something a path bordered by a high brick wall border on something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
borderThe Black Sea borders a half-dozen countries.With three air-force pilots along for the ride, James flew along a railroad track bordered by tall trees.Sometimes, the censorship bordered on the absurd.They did so for complex reasons that border on the religious, not the ambitious.France borders Spain along the length of the Pyrenees.Azerbaijan borders the Caspian Sea.Jackson went to the road that bordered the gardens on the left.It looks an exquisite mess, but push through the vegetation bordering the path and the undergrowth clears.He staggered across the wide path that bordered the pond and plunged into the water.Willow trees bordered the river.