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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_044_fchartchart1 /tʃɑːt $ tʃɑːrt/ ●●● S3 W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 Dinformation that is clearly arranged in the form of a simple picture, set of figures, graph etc, or a piece of paper with this information on it syn diagram a chart showing last year’s sales a weather chart the theatre’s seating chart bar chart, flow chart, pie chart2 the charts3 SGa detailed map, especially of an area of the sea or the starsCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: types of chartsthe pop chartsTheir new single went straight to number 1 in the pop charts.the singles charts (=of CDs that have only one song on them)The song reached number 9 in the singles charts.the album charts (=of CDs that have several songs on them)This put Marley into the album charts for the first time.the indie charts (=of music produced by small independent record companies)The song went straight to the top of the indie charts.verbsbe in the chartsThe song was in the charts for weeks.go into/enter the chartsThe album entered the UK charts at number 2.hit the charts (=enter the charts)The group eventually hit the charts.top the charts/be top of the charts‘Without You’ topped the British charts for five weeks.chart + NOUNa chart hit (=a song or album in the charts)At last the band had got a chart hit.chart successIt looks like they are set for chart success.phrasesnumber 1/5/15 etc in the chartsIn 1962 'Love Me Do' reached only number 17 in the charts.
Examples from the Corpus
chartTry to find some of the albums from the Billboard charts on MiniDisc.Apart from these, weigh all foods you eat when using the F-Plan calorie and fibre charts.That doesn't always mean a high chart place, although it would be very helpful!medical chartsThe reactions shown on the metabolic chart would proceed very slowly, or not at all, in the absence of enzymes.We have seen charts that describe the organisational chart of a police authority and yet miss off the lowly police constable.This chart shows last year's sales figures.