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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcockneycock‧ney, Cockney /ˈkɒkni $ ˈkɑːk-/ noun  1 [countable]SG someone who comes from the east part of London, and who has a particular way of speaking which is typical of working-class people who live there2 [uncountable]SPEAK A LANGUAGE a way of speaking English that is typical of working-class people in the east part of Londoncockney adjective She has a broad cockney accent.
Examples from the Corpus
cockneyAbout this time, there was a family funeral - with all the mock solemnity and grandeur of a cockney day out.Described as a chirpy cockney who could tell a plausible story.His cockney friends would have called it honest endeavour in a dishonest world.A new girl called Laura is in my class she has a real cockney accent and she's hilarious!That would make Sunday tea a real cockney treat.Also too often they broke away only to lose the initiative by letting the cockney donkeys get back.She recognized the typical cockney liveliness of these two girls.