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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcountrycoun‧try1 /ˈkʌntri/ ●●● S1 W1 noun (plural countries)  1 [countable]SGCOUNTRY/NATION an area of land that is controlled by its own government, president, king etcnation the Scandinavian countries developing countries travelling to a foreign country mother country2 the country3 DN[uncountable] an area of land that is suitable for a particular activity, has particular features, or is connected with a particular person or people The Peak District is good walking country. mountainous country the rugged moors of Brontë country4 [uncountable] country and western music I’m a big fan of country.5 go to the countryCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: an area of land that is controlled by its own government, president, king etcADJECTIVES/NOUN + countrya foreign country (=not your own country)Have you ever worked in a foreign country?a strange country (=not your own country)She was in a strange country, with no friends and no family.a European/African/Asian etc countryThe president will be visiting four European countries.a democratic/capitalist/communist etc countrythe former socialist countries of Eastern Europeyour home/native country (=where you were born or live permanently)After five years in America, she returned to her home country, Japan.a developing/Third World country (=poor and trying to increase its industry and trade)Many developing countries receive some foreign aid.a developed country (=rich and where most people have a comfortable life)Developed countries are responsible for most emissions of carbon dioxide.an underdeveloped country (=poor and developing more slowly than others)The disease still exists, mainly in underdeveloped countries.an industrialized countryAmerica and other industrialized countriesan advanced countrytechnologically advanced countries such as Japana Christian/Muslim/Catholic etc countryEngland became a Christian country in the seventh century.your adopted country (=that you have chosen to live in permanently)I felt proud of my adopted country, America.a great country (=important, with many past achievements)the great countries of European independent country (=not controlled by another country)Malaysia has been an independent country since 1963.an occupied country (=controlled by an army from another country)For many years, Egypt was an occupied country.a free country (=where people’s actions are not too restricted)You can go where you like – it’s a free country.a member country (=belonging to a particular international organization)the member countries of the European Communitythe host country (=where an event is held)Which is the host country for the next Olympic Games?verbsrun/govern the country (=officially control a country)The government has the job of running the country.rule a country (=have complete control of a country)For a long time the country was ruled by military dictators.leave the countryThe journalists were given 24 hours to leave the country.flee the country (=leave it very quickly to avoid trouble)At the outbreak of the war, many people fled the country.serve your country (=work for your country in an official way)Remember those who are serving our country as soldiers, sailors, and airmen.lead the countryShe became the first woman to lead the country.represent your countryIt’s a great honour to be chosen to represent your country in a sport.betray your country (=be disloyal, especially by giving secrets to other countries)He betrayed his country for the sake of communism.phrasessomebody’s/something’s country of origin (=where you were born or live permanently, or where something was produced)Please give your name, age, and country of origin.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: an area of land that is suitable for a particular activity, has particular features, or is connected with a particular person or peopleADJECTIVES/NOUN + country open country (=away from towns, and with few buildings, walls, trees etc)We left the city and headed towards the open country in the north.wild country (=not used or farmed by people)I love the wild country of the Scottish Highlands.rough country (=difficult to travel over)a vehicle especially designed for rough countrywalking/riding/farming etc countryTo the east is an area of rich farming country.mountain/mountainous countrya vast stretch of mountain countryhill/hilly countryHe grew up in Texas hill country.wooded country (=with a lot of trees)They escaped through hilly, wooded country.desert countryNot much grows in this desert country.THESAURUScountry an area of land controlled by its own government, president, king etcThailand is a beautiful country.Which country would you most like to visit?nation a country, considered especially in relation to its people and its political and economic structureThe events shocked the whole nation.The US is the most powerful nation in the world.Leaders of the world’s major industrialized nations attended the meeting.state a country considered as a political organization with its own governmentThey believe that Scotland should be an independent sovereign state.Most European states joined the Council of Europe.power a country that is very strong and importanta meeting of the great powersBritain is still a world power.superpower one of the most powerful countries in the worldDuring the Cuban Missile Crisis there was a real danger of conflict between the two world superpowers.land literary a country – used in storiesHe told them about his journeys to foreign lands.a traveller from a far-off land
Examples from the Corpus
countryThe ceremony was televised in over 30 countries.One of the most important issues facing all countries is the threat of global warming.Brazil is one of the biggest countries in the world.The Midwest is largely farming country.Not many people live in the hill country anymore.They evolved in the bloodstreams of people in hot countries as a defence against malaria and occur mainly in black people.Voice over 13,000 children, across the country, have been treated to Kids Out today.Swanepoel, the pilot whom I had met when I first arrived in the country, tipped me off to that one.In our field, probably the most powerful guy in the country.When he formed his own contracting firm, his partners were some of the best-known politicians and railway men in the country.The northeast of the country will experience heavy rainfall and high winds.The bill proposes raising the ownership limit from the current 12 stations covering no more than 25 percent of the country.Riots and demonstrations broke out all over the country after the assassination of Martin Luther King.Most people in this country are worried about the economy.You have corruption in your country.