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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcountycoun‧ty /ˈkaʊnti/ ●●● W2 noun (plural counties) [countable]  PGSGan area of a state or country that has its own government to deal with local matters Fairfax County, Virginia
Examples from the Corpus
countyCounty elections are set for April 29.He served as a churchwarden from 1856 to 1863 and as a county magistrate.The actual definition of key settlements, the hierarchies of settlement types and the nomenclature adopted for these vary enormously among counties.Cedric County, KansasRural counties such as Gwynedd suffer particularly since they often have very low density settlements, rugged terrain and relatively poor roads.On rare occasions, owners fail to redeem their property and the county government deeds it over to the investor.People have a great sense of affection for the county and for their district.If the county meets state-set goals for such collections, it receives a bonus that can be used on any program.Then the county reversed field and decided to award two separate contracts.While Williamson County shares problems with those other fast-growing counties, local officials have handled the growth better than most.