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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcovecove /kəʊv $ koʊv/ noun [countable]  1 SGpart of the coast where the land curves round so that the sea is partly surrounded by landbay The last fishing boats left the cove.2 MAN British English old-fashioned a man
Examples from the Corpus
coveIt was squat and solid, in a cove, with outbuildings, some land and its own sandy bay.The policeman turned and took in the entire cove.There's a little cove about half-way between here and the big house - the Hamilton house.Lumahai is a perfect cove of white sand bordered by black lava rock.This section is one of the most dramatic, weaving in and out of sheltered coves and exposed headlands.The peak was scalloped into two shaggy wings across its western exposure, which made it appear to be embracing the cove.I head for the cove to inspect the damage.Drizzle popped against the roof of his truck and fell around the boats in the cove like bits of broken glass.