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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcraggycrag‧gy /ˈkræɡi/ adjective  1 SGa mountain that is craggy is very steep and covered in rough rocks the craggy peaks of the Sierra Madre2 HBHhaving a face with many deep lines on it his thin craggy face
Examples from the Corpus
craggyHe would be in his early fifties, was tall and well built with a craggy face.craggy good looksOn the craggy heights of a mountain range the air is heated on a slope.In the background the bleak, craggy, high Andes landscape of Potosi - the mining heartland they are abandoning.Taller, wider in the shoulder, clumsily assembled, with a craggy, impassive face.Our path dropped down to the relative calm of the sea shore, edging craggy inlets beneath overhanging cliff tops.Born in 1934, his career path was notable for its craggy leaps and reverses.There are enormous alpine bowls, moguls and plenty of craggy outcroppings to challenge the daredevils.The same craggy spirit built Schoodic Mountain, about 15 miles north of the point.