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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdesertdes‧ert1 /ˈdezət $ -ərt/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]SG a large area of land where it is always very dry, there are few plants, and there is a lot of sand or rocks the Sahara Desert This area of the country is mostly desert.in the desert The plane crash-landed in the desert.2 ldoce_066.png [countable]BORING a place where there is no activity or where nothing interesting happens The railroad yard was a desert now.Do not confuse with dessert (=the sweet part of a meal).COLLOCATIONSadjectivesvast (=extremely big)the vast Gobi desert in Chinaempty (=with no buildings or people in it)Outside the city there was nothing but empty desert.arid (=with very little rain)Very little can grow in this arid desert.an inhospitable desert (=not easy to live or stay in)The interior of the country is an inhospitable desert.a barren desert (=where no plants can grow)Years of intensive farming have turned the area into a barren desert.desert + NOUNa desert area/regionA hot dry wind blows from the desert areas of North Africa.a desert landscapethe flat desert landscape outside Kuwaitdesert country/landLarge parts of Oman are desert country.the desert sun/heatAnimals shelter from the desert sun during the day.phrasesa stretch/expanse of desert (=a very large area of desert)In front of us was nothing but a vast expanse of desert.
Examples from the Corpus
deserta US Army deserterThe restaurant space also gives the sense of a genuine, if somewhat too comfortable, desert experience.The story happened in a sandy desert.It was used in the Persian Gulf war to target smart bombs and guide tanks across the desert.Thirst is banished, and the desert becomes their home.These Sundays were the oases of human contact in the desert of my loneliness.So if you go for a walk in the desert in a few years time and a plane flies overhead, hide.He was pointing off toward the desert.in the desertStirling had little patience with the planning staffs' obsession with large set-piece armoured battles in the desert.The turnaround was to have begun in the deserts of Arizona.This was to use his old friends of 216 Squadron to resupply his force by landing their Bombays in the desert.She had intended to lay the circles in the desert in a symmetrical honeycomb pattern, recalling the bees of her vision.They stopped for a drink in the deserted bar.They'd planned to go with Sinatra to his home in the desert to see in the New Year.Moses finds a shepherd in the desert.Who or what made the tracks in the desert sand?