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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheasteast1, East /iːst/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [singular, uncountable] (written abbreviation E)  1 SGthe direction from which the sun rises, and which is on the right if you are facing north Which way is east?from/towards the east He turned and walked away towards the east.to the east (of something) To the east of the pier were miles of sandy beaches.2 the east
Examples from the Corpus
eastViolent incidents in east Incidents of serious violence continued in ethnically mixed eastern areas.The Knights Panther trace their origins to the wars against Araby when returning crusaders brought back outlandish animals from the east.It is light turquoise in the east, grading to deep, dark, brilliant blue in the west.from/towards the eastThe principal rivers of the Empire flow from the east to the west, and as they converge they become greater still.The inspiration for the first stones seems to come less from the East than from Bronze-age pieces found and imitated.She also helped set up a convalescent home for patients from the East End after the cholera epidemic of 1867.There are some who dismiss the notion that results from the East will have much effect on California.A wind sprang from the east, an idea of rain, sudden, pervading the air.A couple of anachronisms fighting it out here while real life moved in on them from the east almost unnoticed.