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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheminenceem‧i‧nence /ˈemɪnəns/ noun  1 [uncountable]FAMOUS the quality of being famous and importantof great/such etc eminence a scientist of great eminence2 Your/His Eminence3 [countable] literarySG a hill or area of high ground
Examples from the Corpus
eminenceDe Mille has a perspective that comes only with age and eminence.Nevertheless, he occupied a moral eminence.There are exceptions, of course; anyone can quote the names of a few specialists who have attained local or even national eminence.Of course, his own eminence contributed to his isolation, but he also chose solitude as his appropriate fate.How would you take these so-called taxes, your eminence?We are a young world, your eminence.