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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenvironsen‧vi‧rons /ɪnˈvaɪrənz/ noun [plural]  formalSG the area surrounding a place people living in Geneva and its environs outside the environs of the college
Examples from the Corpus
environsS., a Montgomery, Ala., fishing group dedicated to education and catch-and-release conservation of bass environs.We became very familiar with Boston and its environs.After Jeffery's death in November 1771, Ainslie returned home and shortly thereafter made a map of Jedburgh and its environs.Framsden mill and its environs will illustrate what I mean about the compactness and self-sufficiency of the rural villages in East Anglia.A day spent exploring the environs of Keld is a day to remember.He was aware of traffic hazards in the environs of Bristol and stretches of hazardous road in the Gloucestershire countryside.It is clearly a bourgeois drama and takes place in an upper middle-class home in the environs of London.A visitor to Keld does not have to be a long-distance walker to enjoy the scenic delights of the environs.Lawrence, whose preference for more temperate seas brings it perilously close to the environs of civilization.