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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfaceface1 /feɪs/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable]  1 front of your headHBHBODY the front part of your head, where your eyes, nose, and mouth are She had a beautiful face. Her face was white with fear. A big smile spread across his face. I felt like punching him in the face.You say that something is on somebody’s face, not ‘in somebody’s face’: You’ve got a mark on your face.2 expressionEXPRESSION ON somebody'S FACE an expression on someone’s face I’ll never forget my father’s face – I’d never seen him so upset before.3 keep a straight face4 pale-faced/round-faced etc5 grim-faced/serious-faced etc6 person a personnew/different face (=someone who you have not seen before) There are a few new faces in class this year. Gordon is a familiar face (=someone who you know or have seen many times before) at the Shrewsbury Flower Show. It’s the same old faces (=people who you see often, especially too often) at our meetings every week.famous/well-known face (=someone who is famous from television, magazines, films etc) She looked around at the sea of faces (=lots of people seen together) in the cafeteria.7 face to face8 say something/tell somebody something to their face9 face down/downwards10 face up/upwards11 in the face of something12 on the face of it13 the face of something14 DNmountain/cliff the face of a mountain, cliff etc is a steep vertical surface or sideface of He fell and died while attempting to climb the north face of Mont Blanc. The cliff face was starting to crumble into the sea. a sheer (=very steep) rock face15 watch.jpg clockTMC the front part of a clock or watch, where the numbers and hands are 16 lose face17 save face18 disappear/vanish from/off the face of the earth19 on the face of the earth20 somebody’s face doesn’t fit21 set your face against something22 mineTI the part of a mine from which coal, stone etc is cut coalface23 outside surfaceTBB one of the outside surfaces of an object or building A cube has six faces.24 sportDS the part of a racket or bat etc that you use to hit the ball25 in your face26 get in somebody’s face27 get out of my face28 what’s his face/what’s her face29 put your face on blow up in somebody’s face at blow up, → put on a brave face at brave1(3), → do something till you’re blue in the face at blue1(4), → have egg on your face at egg1(5), → face-to-face, → fly in the face of at fly1(18), → laugh in somebody’s face at laugh1(11), → long face at long1(12), → not just a pretty face at pretty2(4), → show your face at show1(15), → shut your face at shut1(2), → a slap in the face at slap2(2), → be staring somebody in the face at stare1(2), → a straight face at straight2(8), → wipe something off the face of the earth at wipe1(8), → wipe the smile/grin off somebody’s face at wipe1(7), → have something written all over your face at write(10)COLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2adjectivespretty/beautiful/handsome etc Her face was beautiful in the morning light. round/oval/square Her face was round and jolly.thin/narrow Tears rolled down her thin face.pale/darkHis face suddenly became pale and I thought he was going to faint.an angular face (=so thin that you can see the bones)She stared at his dark, angular face.sad/seriousMaggie looked at him with a sad face.happy/smilingShelley looked at the children’s happy faces.a grinning faceHe looked down at the boy’s grinning face.angryBeth’s angry face stared fiercely at her husband.worried/anxiousMy father watched us go with a worried face.puzzledHe looked at his son’s puzzled face.blank/impassive (=showing no emotion or thoughts)What was she really thinking behind that blank face?wrinkled/lined (=with a lot of small lines, especially because of old age)His wrinkled face must once have been handsome.scowling (=showing that you are not pleased about something)He looked around and saw his boss's scowling face behind him.a long face (=an unhappy expression)What’s the long face for?verbssomebody’s face goes/turns red (=becomes red)His face went red with embarrassment.somebody’s face goes/turns pale (=becomes pale)I saw her face go pale when he walked in.somebody’s face lights up/brightens (=they start to look happy)Denise’s face lit up when she heard the news.somebody’s face darkens (=they start to look angry or threatening)She handed him the letter and his face darkened.somebody’s face falls (=they look sad or disappointed)Her face fell when she saw who it was.pull/make a face (=to change your expression to make people laugh or to show you are angry, disappointed etc)Here’s a funny photo of Joe pulling a face.somebody’s face is contorted with anger/rage (=someone’s face is twisted out of its normal shape because they are angry)Eve’s face was contorted with anger as she picked up the broken vase.phrasesa look/expression on somebody’s faceShe had a rather surprised look on her face.I could tell by the look on Dan’s face that he was disappointed.a smile/grin/frown on somebody’s faceThere was a mischievous grin on her face.He was reading the newspaper with a frown on his face.you can see something in somebody’s face (=you know what someone is feeling from the expression on their face)She could see the despair in his face.something is written all over somebody’s face (=their feelings can be seen very clearly in their expression)You’re jealous – it’s written all over your face!you should have seen somebody’s face (=used to say that someone was very angry, surprised etc)You should have seen his face when I told him that I was resigning.a face like thunder (=a very angry expression)The boss had a face like thunder when he arrived this morning.
Examples from the Corpus
faceThe cliff face was starting to crumble into the sea.I could see the children's happy faces.I kissed her face, which was moist and feverish.It's weird, but when she's asleep she looks real young, even though her face is all puffy.One of the victims had scratches all over his face.His face was like wax and his eyes stared like a doll's.His face was a mask, friendly, but in an impersonal way.She is one of the many faces of poverty; she is one of the many faces of the welfare system.There were many unsuccessful attempts to climb the North Face of Mount Everest.We climbed the north face of Mount Rainier.Jodi has such a pretty face.Breeze looked up, meaning to expostulate, but was silenced by what she saw in her sister's face.I want to see dozens and dozens of strange faces.One of the faces of the cube has a line across it.new/different faceNow, board-certified plastic surgeons appear on your television screen to sell you a new face.But there were far too few new faces, and far too many head office honchos.The imposing and inviting new face of the building dominates the prospect of the site by evening.However, this theory largely ignores the process of learning new faces and new identities.It was a Series that produced a stream of new faces to help pull the game toward the new millennium.The new faces do include chat show host Chrystal Rose and Dily Braimoh.north faceMenace lurks in the huge, north facing cliffs of Ben Nevis.Contrary to popular belief, a conservatory can be placed on any wall, including north facing walls.However, if this is north facing it may make more sense to move it to a sunnier position.An opening on El Castillo's north face leads inside to an ascending staircase.Sheltering the village with is impressive yet formidable presence is the north face of the Eiger.The stairs seem like the north face of the Eiger, the temperature sheer hell.There are other groups of these huts on the north face of Beinn Tart a Mhill.So the total effect was like bedding down for the night on the north face of Kilimanjaro.