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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfarmlandfarm‧land /ˈfɑːmlænd, -lənd $ ˈfɑːrmlænd/ noun [uncountable]  TASGland used for farmingsee thesaurus at land
Examples from the Corpus
farmlandDown the block the neighborhood dead-ended in abandoned farmland that Mami read in the local paper the developers were negotiating to buy.She and her three brothers lived in a large two-story house in a middle-class neighborhood set amid Amish farmland.In i 728, for example, floods devastated farmland around Pinerolo and in the Val di Susa.The scale of changes in farmland bird populations is only beginning to be appreciated, the Trust says.The destruction slowed down because of surpluses in farmland and an increased realisation of the woodland's conservation value.There have been other setbacks-like 160,247 hectares of farmland converted to industrial, residential or commercial uses.He was directed towards a glider landing strip, but he appears to have clipped a tree and then crashed on farmland.Low farm prices have also forced farmers off the land and into the city, even as urban growth consumes valuable farmland.