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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrontierfron‧tier /ˈfrʌntɪə $ frʌnˈtɪr/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable] especially British EnglishSG the border of a countryfrontier between/with Lille is close to the frontier between France and Belgium.on/at the frontier Troops established a road block on the frontier.frontier town/area/post etc (=a town etc on a frontier)see thesaurus at border2 the frontier3 the frontiers of knowledge/physics etc
Examples from the Corpus
frontierHe was questioned by soldiers at a frontier post.The dethronement of learning is one of the most exciting intellectual frontiers we are now crossing.The study of the brain is often described as the next intellectual frontier.They settled in Ronco, a picturesque village near the Italian frontier.It marked a return to the general store of frontier days.Many of the cars crossing the frontier were stopped and searched.The geographical position of the frontier fluctuated with the fortunes of war.Every diplomatic effort was made to get him and his army to retire back over the frontier, but without success.Powell, like the mountain men, was compulsively drawn to the frontier.All of this transcended the frontiers of control and undermined the employers' ability to manage.frontier between/withThere were indeed frontiers between the classes, but these were constantly shifting.They take us across the frontiers between the material and the mystical.Other writers undermine conventional notion of reality by blurring the frontiers between the real and the imaginary.The government closed the frontier between Lithuania and Poland.Such tech gangs held the frontier between the tangled civilization above and the bestiality beneath.Meanwhile the frontier between liberalism and socialism remained open, both ideologically and organizationally.The guards on the frontiers between art history and art criticism shoot neither intruders nor escapers.How far is it from Belfast to the nearest and furthest points on the frontier with Eire?Will the ever faster spread of cultural influence remove the frontiers between civilizations that were once so firm in world history?