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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_133_bgeysergey‧ser /ˈɡiːzə $ ˈɡaɪzər/ noun [countable]  1 DNSGa natural spring that sends hot water and steam suddenly into the air from a hole in the ground2 ldoce_133.png British EnglishDHH a machine fixed to a wall over a bath or sink and used for heating water
Examples from the Corpus
geyserThe moment I saw Narendra all the repressed speech of the previous weeks came out like sulphurous gas from a geyser.It exploded as he hit the water, sending a geyser of water and blood into the air.The lake is noted for its hot springs, steam jets and geysers.Upstairs were four bedrooms and a bathroom, with hot water being supplied via a gas geyser.The bullets sent up muddy geysers from the paddy water as they raged toward the group.The sensation was one of blood distending the veins until they were about to release geysers of the dark red liquid.That geyser dominated the bathroom like a ferocious monster.