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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgridgrid /ɡrɪd/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 Ta metal frame with bars across it cattle grid2 HMPATTERNa pattern of straight lines that cross each other and form squares Its streets were laid out in a grid pattern.3 TMSGa set of numbered lines printed on a map so that the exact position of any place can be referred to The pilots were just given a grid reference (=number referring to a point on a map) of the target.4 TEEthe network of electricity supply wires that connects power stations and provides electricity to buildings in an area the national grid (=the electricity supply in a country)5 DSO (also starting grid) a set of starting positions for all the cars in a motor race
Examples from the Corpus
gridThe electronic zoo consists of a 9m grid coffered slab supported by reinforced columns.In many U.S. cities, the streets are organized in a grid.He would have preferred chess, but Sheldukher could not provide a board, and they both disliked playing on computer grids.The eerie grid of a city was spread out before him, lit by the chemical yellow of the street lamps.The tires wailed on the iron grid.The resulting uniform frequency of energy allows synchronisation with the national grid.Put some NaOH pellets around the edge and place one grid on each drop, section side down.a power gridThe final category of small towns covers those sites with an apparent element of planning or some form of recognizable street grid.Sometimes when you find such a place it makes that grid seem to disappear.grid referenceThe Ordnance Survey grid references relate to the maps, with the grid lines 1 kilometre apart.Look out for the grid reference which appears in each accommodation entry.national gridIsobel Drury, of the society, warned against plans to solve water shortages through a national grid or local water grids.Landcorp, which administered government buildings and land; and Electricorp, which operated the power stations and the national grid.For a start it is 40 percent cheaper than electricity from the national grid.The plant will generate around 30 megawatts of electricity, which will be fed into the national grid.In the 17-month period from March 1980 to August 1981 alone, 15 units were connected to the national grid.Dounreay was chosen because it possesses cable links to the national grid and a suitable coastal site.It said it would cut the power supply to the national grid if its demands were not met.The resulting uniform frequency of energy allows synchronisation with the national grid.