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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhighlandshigh‧lands /ˈhaɪləndz/ noun [plural]  1 the Highlands2 SGan area of a country where there are a lot of mountains forested highlands lowlands
Examples from the Corpus
highlandsthe Andean highlandsIn parts of the Southern Province and central highlands they were little used, and human power was employed instead.Coffee was introduced into the central highlands in the 1840s, and quickly became the most important cash crop.There were no tractors or radios in the Hmong highlands until the 1950s.The scene was reminiscent of the lunar highlands.An important minority of the population lives in far flung, sparsely populated areas such as the highlands and islands.The maria and small plains in the highlands can readily be seen to postdate the craters on their borders.The mare basins have dark, rather smooth floors that lie well below the altitude of the highlands.