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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhinterlandhin‧ter‧land /ˈhɪntəlænd $ -ər-/ noun [singular] 🔊 🔊 SGan area of land that is far from the coast, large rivers, or the places where people live 🔊 the rural hinterland
Examples from the Corpus
hinterlandThe extension of commuting hinterlands has increasingly brought rural areas within the daily journey-to-work range of nearby towns.Her early work depicted a dreamy hinterland between landscape and abstraction, like the molten scenes of late Turner.Sitting there giving me an ample vision of her hinterlands was a gesture of power.Misconceptions can penalise too rigid definition of hinterlands.Henry played the piano out of a van on forays into the hinterland to introduce the Trans-National Drama Research Gymnasium.But they did not venture into the hinterland, leaving the rebels there undisturbed.The hinterland of the Liverpool Range in the summer of 1839 was a resplendent, if temporary, Eden.The coastal towns are expanding in their hinterlands rather than along the waterfront, and disused industrial areas are favoured for development.