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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishItalianateI‧tal‧i‧a‧nate /ɪˈtæliəneɪt/ adjective  ASGwith an Italian style or appearance an Italianate villa
Examples from the Corpus
ItalianateThis era was packed with architectural revivals including Italianate and baronial.They introduce into our austerities their Italianate blandishments.Her building on Seventy-eighth turned out to be an Italianate brownstone closer to First than Second.Three pairs of Italianate coastal views by Lacroix de Marseille will be offered.The house was fronted by a flat Italianate lily pond.Neither, however, is as big as Government House, the crenellated, Italianate mansion used by the Governor.His hair, mingled black and blond, fell in Italianate profusion, knotted ringlets to his shoulders.St Nicholas' was the first example in Prague of the late Italianate style of Baroque.