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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlagoonla‧goon /ləˈɡuːn/ noun [countable]  1 SGa lake of sea water that is partly separated from the sea by rocks, sand, or coral a coastal lagoon2 American EnglishSG a small lake which is not very deep, near a larger lake or river
Examples from the Corpus
lagoonFresh or brackish lakes and lagoons, usually reed-fringed, also marshes.It smelled toxic, looked like pus from the creature from the black lagoon and burned like hot coals on the skin.After the waters recede, extensive lagoons and marshes are formed as the ground gradually dries out.A small lagoon is formed by the stream between a sandbank and the rock wall.With its loss of flow, the river's old mouth had silted up, thus forming the lagoon and swamp.Several times a year, the waste is pumped from the lagoons and spread across cropland as fertilizer.Corals also grow on the lagoon slope and in patches, known as reef knolls, on the lagoon floor.There was little to choose between the water of the Venice lagoon and the air above it.