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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlandmassland‧mass /ˈlændmæs/ noun [countable]  technicalSG a large area of land such as a continent
Examples from the Corpus
landmassAt this distance, the patterns of ocean and landmass were clear.Yet the rainforests cover just seven percent of global landmass.The continents and other landmasses perch on top of the plates, and consequently likewise move relative to each other.The giant Pangaean landmass sowed the seeds of its own destruction.And along the crooked border where the landmasses once came together, the researchers made an extraordinary discovery.The landmass of Torness, Skateraw and Barns Ness protects the harbour from the worst of the weather from the west.When this landmass begins to warm up that section of the mantle, the cycle begins anew.Like the modern-day Gulf Stream, these waters warmed and humidified the two landmasses.