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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmountaintopmoun‧tain‧top /ˈmaʊntəntɒp $ ˈmaʊntəntɑːp/ noun [countable]  DNthe top part of a mountain
Examples from the Corpus
mountaintopIf you want to learn writing from the gracious mountaintop, go elsewhere.Local places like mountaintops and springs are important spiritually and the earth itself is sacred.If forced to examine the movie from that sociological mountaintop, veteran costume designer Ann Roth is right.The absence of an atmosphere on the Moon permits orbits almost as low as the mountaintops.As soon as they were uttered, Reagan and Gorbachev were down from the mountaintop and right back where they had started.snow on the mountaintopsWhat was it that he himself would have to let go of before he reached the mountaintop?The mountaintop offers different information-there some grand order seems both manifest and enormous, far larger than the purely human world.The vast mountaintop panorama was forgotten as the focus of the world shrank to six inches away from his nose.