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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnorthnorth1, North /nɔːθ $ nɔːrθ/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [singular, uncountable] (written abbreviation N)  1 SGthe direction that is at the top of a map of the world, above the Equator. It is on the left if you are facing the rising sun Which way is north?from/towards the north winds blowing from the northto the north (of something) Cheshunt is a few miles to the north of London.2 the north
Examples from the Corpus
northThere was a slight wind coming from the north, and I turned into it.It has large and influential cereals and sugar barons in the north, but it has many small livestock farmers as well.In the early 1970s he was editor of the Provisional republican newspaper in the north, Republican News.She came back to the north with him after that and they lived together again for a time.Further to the north you take the ferry across from East to West Cowes to avoid a big detour inland via Newport.from/towards the northThe flak tailed off, mercifully, and Dickinson and Finlayson angled across from the north to join them.As the creation of the vortex began, the seas churned and a terrible wind blew from the north.There was a slight wind coming from the north, and I turned into it.Four Tornados had just taken off - heading in loose formation towards the North Sea.We will encourage enhanced recovery of oil from the North Sea and avoid becoming too dependent on imported fuel.The Songs, too, were refugees from the North and were also Christians.After all, he was sure of 100 percent of the vote from the north.But this was a wind from the north that blew across frontiers, ignoring the Customs.