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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnortheasternnorth‧east‧ern /ˌnɔːθˈiːstən $ ˌnɔːrθˈiːstərn/ adjective (written abbreviation NE)  SGin or from the northeast part of a country or area the northeastern states of the US
Examples from the Corpus
northeasternThe northeastern, central, southeastern and southwestern regions of the city showed readings below 250.To find Dornoch you just kept sliding your finger up the well-defined northeastern coast until you crossed the Dornoch Firth.They are among hundreds of northeastern North Dakota farmers with crops damaged by the worst rain and rural flooding in living memory.They farmed in northeastern North Dakota.And meteorologists in Guwahati, the capital of the northeastern state of Assam, warned that more heavy rain was forecast.the northeastern states of the U.S.But they are not a secure base, particularly in northeastern states.In 1931 an epidemic almost as bad as the one in 1916 hit the northeastern United States.