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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnorthernmostnor‧thern‧most /ˈnɔːðənməʊst $ ˈnɔːrðərnmoʊst/ adjective  SGfurthest north the northernmost tip of the island
Examples from the Corpus
northernmostIn the meantime, the 2d Battalion of the 271 Regiment, moving forward in a column, engaged the northernmost company.Now I was stuck on my northernmost hang-up.And that very night a new constellation appeared in the northernmost quarter of heaven.Then they spotted a fishing boat, near the northernmost reef.A storm in a northernmost tea-cup?And the northernmost town has several sprawling communities dotted with golf courses and street after street of lush, green lawns.The northernmost zone has the least continuous plant cover, the most patterned ground exposed, and the narrowest range of communities.