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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopennesso‧pen‧ness /ˈəʊpənnəs $ ˈoʊ-/ noun [uncountable]  1 KNOW somethingHONESTthe quality of being honest and willing to talk about thingsopenness of the openness of American societyopenness about her openness about her problems2 ACCEPTthe quality of being willing to accept new ideas or peopleopenness to/towards the importance of openness to change3 SGthe quality of not being enclosedopenness of the vast openness of the African plains
Examples from the Corpus
opennessJo embraced life with enthusiasm, delight and an openness to new ideas.Even his classic boyish looks seem to proclaim his good humour and openness.a relationship based on trust and opennessThe public expects complete openness from the President about his health.The honesty, openness, and lack of pressure with which it is all handled also are most impressive.I try to encourage as much openness and contrary views as possible.The Hugo Boss management is promising a spirit of openness.Intimacy in a relationship requires openness.They may actually conclude that openness is actually a strategy top management has devised to cover up its impermeability to influence.Inviting other home owners and managers to each home in turn indicates the extent to which this openness has developed.At the same time, pregnancy is a period of unusual openness in both parents.openness ofthe openness of the city's downtown areaopenness to/towardsPart of thinking globally is developing an openness to people from backgrounds different from our own.He reveres Cage for his rigorous search for simplicity, his fantastic openness to experiences and ideas.Increased competitiveness and greater openness to international flows of goods and finance.This general pattern of greater left openness to marriage with the right may be explained as ideological and social mobility.As younger lawyers go through the system there will be more openness to it, and more understanding of it.That openness to liberated desire is cut off in the films which the Boxes produce.Few people in Boston have the openness to talk that way.