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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutcropout‧crop /ˈaʊtkrɒp $ -krɑːp/ (also outcropping /-krɒpɪŋ $ -krɑː-/ American English) noun [countable]  DNa rock or group of rocks above the surface of the ground Below us was a pool surrounded by rocky outcrops.
Examples from the Corpus
outcropAt first we thought it might be an outcrop of magnetic rock, but all the geological evidence was against it.On an outcrop of rock, Kitty Dawson looked down on the valley for a few minutes.Now, with dynamite, the excavators were nibbling back each outcrop farther and farther away from the center.She found Wynne-Jones resting in the overhang of a rocky outcrop, exhausted, wretched, starving.The Park is a large area of open country with rocky outcrops, ancient buildings and a small river.There were occasional stark outcrops of rock and dark pools like tiny versions of the lochans he dimly remembered from his homesite.But these are only the outcrops of a conviction which underlies all his teaching about his own mission.This granodiorite temper was found to be similar to the outcrop close to Mountsorrel on the eastern part of Charnwood Forest.