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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpaddypad‧dy /ˈpædi/ noun (plural paddies) [countable]  1 (also paddy field)SGTA a field in which rice is grown in water syn rice paddy2 British English informal a state of being angry or upset The news put Mum in a bit of a paddy.
Examples from the Corpus
paddyUncle Vernon had flown into a paddy on account of the seven lessons left outstanding.The building of irrigation systems and paddy fields is costly in terms of time and effort.Methane is also given off by rice paddies and ruminant animals, including cattle.There is what looks to be a white coastline, brilliant greens, the rice paddies etched on the land.In other letters he wrote about the great beauty of the country, the paddies and mountains and jungles.Water buffalo pulled plows or wallowed in the paddies.It had been an honest mistake, though, the paddy wagon men believing he was dead or dying.The paddy fields have turned a feathery yellow.