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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparallelpar‧al‧lel1 /ˈpærəlel/ ●●○ AWL adjective  1 HMtwo lines, paths etc that are parallel to each other are the same distance apart along their whole length Lines AB and CD are parallel. two parallel roadsparallel to She was travelling parallel to her previous route.parallel with The railway is parallel with the canal. Take the road running parallel to the main road just after the village.2 formalTIME/AT THE SAME TIME similar and happening at the same time Social changes in Britain are matched by parallel trends in some other countries.
Examples from the Corpus
parallelMost parallel environments operate best when accessed data shows its local point of reference, the Forum says.Thus we say that the feeling quality between two parallel lines is different from the feeling between two lines that cross.At the end of the other will be three parallel lines meaning the runner has to backtrack and give three long toots.The airport's two parallel runways are only 750 feet apart.The film attempts to follow the parallel story lines of the novel.According to Parsytec, the Xplorer offers users a migration path to its GigaCube massively parallel supercomputers which are also to use T9000s.a parallel universeThe system will also support message passing models such as parallel virtual machine and the high performance Fortran extensions of Fortran 90.running parallelThe pack has two aluminium staves running parallel inside the main compartment which give stability and rigidity to the whole structure.This type of system works by pumping pond water through a quartz tube running parallel to an ultra violet germicidal lamp.As for the Confederates, they were obliged to set up a larger fish-hook running parallel to that of the Federals.They bear several veins running parallel to the central vein.Many of the latter are the forms mentioned in the first paragraph of this section as running parallel to the coast.Most rowhouses are built with the joists running parallel to the front and rear walls of the house.The displays are shown in Victorian cases housed in a long, narrow gallery running parallel to the windows on to Chambers Street.There were two walls, running parallel with each other.