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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishphysical geographyˌphysical geˈography noun [uncountable]  SGthe study of the Earth’s surface and of its rivers, mountains etc
Examples from the Corpus
physical geographyThese three trends combined to form a more environmental physical geography which may have been late but hopefully not too late.In geomorphology the impact of studies of process was perhaps most substantial and also the most dramatic in physical geography.Such omission is completely in sympathy with the trend in physical geography for nearly a century after Man and Nature.Hence the prospect of an energy related and integrated physical geography including geomorphological processes may not be too far beyond the horizon.In such a perception, the world is not physical geography but an arena inhabited by individual countries.This trend is exemplified by all branches of physical geography.Furthermore, some branches of physical geography had proceeded as far as they could without an enhanced knowledge of processes.The number of financial products available over the internet-where physical geography is mostly irrelevant-is increasing rapidly.