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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprecipicepre‧ci‧pice /ˈpresɪpɪs/ noun [countable]  1 DNa very steep side of a high rock, mountain, or cliff A loose rock tumbled over the precipice.2 a dangerous situation in which something very bad could happen The stock market is on the edge of a precipice.
Examples from the Corpus
precipiceAbove me, a precipice of unbroken rock.Resting his weight on his bended knee, he was staring motionless over a precipice towards the lake.Ruth wanted to reach out and pull him back, as if he were moving towards a precipice.The howlers were skirting the scary precipice of extinction.I was privately grateful that it was too dark to make out the edge of the precipice.A single unwise maneuver would have sent Robinson and his skiff plunging over the precipice.