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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprovinceprov‧ince /ˈprɒvəns $ ˈprɑː-/ ●●○ noun  1 (also Province) [countable]SG one of the large areas into which some countries are divided, and which usually has its own local government a Chinese province2 the provinces3 [singular] formalAREA OF KNOWLEDGE, DUTIES, STUDY ETC a subject that someone knows a lot about or something that only they are responsible forprovince of Computers were once the exclusive province of scientists and mathematicians.
Examples from the Corpus
provinceBy this time, all provinces except Zambezia had at least 40 percent female enrolment.For neo-populists, it is the social structure in these central provinces that is crucial.He visited the other dioceses of his province, including a tour of several days to the Isle of Man.The separatist movement began in the mid-1970s after the province was denied additional natural gas revenue.Together with the political background in the province, this smallness of scale has complicated discussions of local government reorganisation.Most tellingly, Labour's vote was well down on its 1990 performance in the provinces.When Ottawa's programme expired in April, pressure mounted on the provinces to provide assistance.Printers, modems and speakers were considered necessities, but scanners were the province of professional artists with money to burn.province ofComputers were once the province of scientists and mathematicians.