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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprovincialpro‧vin‧cial1 /prəˈvɪnʃəl/ ●○○ adjective  1 [only before noun]SG relating to or coming from a province a provincial election the provincial government of Quebec2 SGrelating to or coming from the parts of a country that are not near the capital a provincial town3 PREJUDICEDold-fashioned and not interested in anything new or different – used to show disapproval provincial attitudes
Examples from the Corpus
provincialThe whole thing struck one as being very provincial.This provided for the election by all landowners over the age of twenty-five of representatives to local and provincial assemblies.All things considered, the provincial circuit presents a hell of a challenge.In Britain, the old tradition of private patronage in the great provincial cities is reviving - but not fast enough.the provincial government of QuebecThe reforms were supported by President Carlos Saúl Menem, the other provincial governors and congressional deputies and senators.The provincial groups with papers in two or three towns were little different from the other independents.It was a tentative document that merely asked for provincial legislation enabling municipalities to buy, sell, and distribute electric power.It constituted an even clearer expression of provincial mobilisation and disregard for parliamentary initiative and manoeuvre than 1833.provincial governmentElections to a lower house of parliament would be by proportional representation and an upper house would be appointed by provincial governments.The philanthropic family's largesse was echoed by surprise announcements from both the Federal and provincial governments.A reform of provincial government banking was also announced.We drove up to the provincial government building in Xiangzhou, a few miles to the north.The provincial government did not send a team to investigate until August 1.Some of the no-show gun owners were making a protest, and at least one provincial government has challenged the law.He said first he had to deal with the provincial government's financial woes and an economic downturn.Another La Plata station, quite different, four-square and concrete, belonged to the provincial government's metre-gauge railway.provincial townThere is growing evidence that white supremacist groups are renewing hate campaigns against Aborigines in some provincial towns.There were reports of demonstrations and lawlessness in some provincial towns.Similar scenes were reported in provincial towns in the vicinity of military camps.His provincial town of Flaxborough is a portrait of what might be any somewhat cut-off provincial town anywhere in Britain.In the provincial towns of San Miguel and Santa Ana, the markets were also occupied.Foremost among provincial towns were a handful of regional capitals with populations upwards of five or six thousand.