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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpueblopueb‧lo /ˈpwebləʊ $ -loʊ/ noun (plural pueblos) [countable]  SGTOWNa small town, especially in the southwest U.S.
Examples from the Corpus
puebloThose alterations included enlarged pueblos replete with central plazas and square kivas.Residents discovered the beautiful black pottery made by Maria Martinez at the nearby San Ildefonso pueblo.How did the lives of prehistoric Southwestern people change when they moved from small communities into large pueblo villages?After all, the endurance in the pueblos counted more than the new government, the new champions, the new reforms.The persistence of the pueblo as a social and economic unit depended on bad roads and bad political education.We start off back to the pueblo.I stop too; climb the natural embankment and look over the homeward stretch down to the pueblo.When I climb back up to the pueblo there's a meeting in progress.