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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishravinera‧vine /rəˈviːn/ noun [countable]  DNSGa deep narrow valley with steep sides syn gorge
Examples from the Corpus
ravineA bus plunged 250 feet into a ravine, killing thirty people.The tanker slipped off the road, rolled over and landed on its side in a 20-foot-deep ravine.Some crouched in ravines, others behind rocks or trees.There is very little pretty here, only the limestone ravine of Swinnergill Kirk being worthy of the camera.At the Gynn, the ravine was bridged and an elaborate tramway layout constructed, facilitating cars reversing in both directions.The thieves had obviously been back and forth over the ravine ferrying everything back to their car.The ravine made him think of a painting, but not a painting that he himself could have conceived of or completed.The ravine was covered on both sides, though not yet filled.And we were travelling again, through ravine, under totem.