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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreferenceref‧er‧ence1 /ˈrefərəns/ ●●● S2 W1 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]MENTION part of something you say or write in which you mention a person or thingreference to There is no direct reference to her own childhood in the novel. The article made no reference to previous research on the subject. The governor made only a passing reference to the problem of unemployment (=he mentioned it quickly).2 [uncountable]LOOK FOR the act of looking at something for informationfor easy/quick reference A vocabulary index is included for easy reference. Keep their price list on file for future reference (=so that it can be looked at in the future). The book will become a standard work of reference (=a book that people look at for information).3 reference point4 in/with reference to something5 [countable] a) BE (also letter of reference) a letter containing information about you that is written by someone who knows you well, and is usually intended for a new employer We will need references from your former employers. b) BESEa person who provides information about your character and abilities syn referee Ask your teacher to act as one of your references.6 [countable]TCN a book, article etc from which information has been obtained a comprehensive list of references7 TCNSG[countable] a number that tells you where you can find the information you want in a book, on a map etc a list of towns, each with a map reference cross-reference, → terms of reference at term1(11)COLLOCATIONSverbsmake reference to somethingOfficial reports made no reference to the incident.phrasesthere is a reference to somethingThere are 32 references to eagles in the Bible.adjectivesa specific/direct/explicit reference (=mentioning something specifically/directly etc)No specific reference was made to the race of the children.an oblique reference (=not direct)He added, in an oblique reference to the US, that ‘some countries could do more’.a brief referenceBrief references to the tragedy have appeared in the French press.a passing reference (=one that you make while you are talking about something else)He made only a passing reference to his injury.frequent/constant/repeated referencesMedieval literature contains frequent references to insanity.an occasional referenceDuring the interview, he made only occasional references to his forthcoming autobiography.
Examples from the Corpus
referenceThe thesaurus functions not only as a retrieval aid, but also as a reference facility.Did he make any reference to his forthcoming trial?But these fragments of stories about these characters really are references for me.David Whitehouse has enough letters of character reference to paper Bermondsey warehouse and he seems anxious to read all of them.The poem contains references to places where the poet spent his childhood.Also labels the components on your drawing as per your circuit diagram and retain for future reference.map reference SG49The Queen made no reference to the incident in her speech.We choose our frame of reference and attack something for not fitting it.a list of references at the end of the articleSub-Committee E has wider terms of reference than the other sub-committees.Where, for example, is there even a passing reference to the benefits of fair trade?For the adoption, the Millers provided references and numerous other documents.It is equally correct and more useful in some instances to view supply from the reference point of quantity.One shelf was filled with reference works.Ask a teacher to act as one of your references.made ... referenceBut the Act made no specific reference to special provision for young workers.I have already made some reference to it.He also made dark references to drink.These also made for easier reference with page turning being easier than unwinding a scroll to find your place.The choice between the two roads can not, in my opinion, be made simply by reference to binding authority.Mr Chittenden made no reference to his intentions.However, the White Paper made no reference to any increased funding.You made no reference to what had happened.for easy/quick referenceAppendix 1 lists all the statutory instruments made under the Act for easy reference.There are marginal comments and addresses for quick reference.It makes sense to keep such information on file for quick reference.Don't miss our handy Gardener's Year binder, designed to store your monthly cut-out-and-keep guide, for easy reference.Other, generally applicable subdivisions, are shown in a separate list for easy reference.We might like to keep this leaflet with your statements for easy reference.Windows Radio Toolbar, which puts a host of Net radio stations on your toolbar for quick reference.A list of macro names and the text that they include can be used for quick reference.map referenceAnywhere in the country can be given a map reference.He says that if the ambulancemen had a map reference they might have found him sooner.