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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishridgeridge /rɪdʒ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 SGa long area of high land, especially at the top of a mountain We made our way carefully along the ridge.2 a) DNsomething long and thin that is raised above the things around it A small ridge of sand separated the field from the beach. The ridges on the soles give the shoes a better grip. b) the part at the top of a roof, where the two sides meet3 ridge of high pressure
Examples from the Corpus
ridgeOver to the right is rough dune land, a big area before you top a ridge of shingle.Cycles of freezing and thawing caused an ice ridge to build up.They came out onto a sand ridge that curved away toward the rocks.A helicopter shot across the ridges overhead and disappeared into the adjoining canyon.Stephen looked down at the ridge of grass along the centre of the track where the cart wheels had not pressed.The sun disappeared behind the ridge.From the ridge, the light seemed to cover all the slope below, drowsy and still.Dove would not move his eyes off the ridge of white wash.Rotting guavas and fruit flies that hover around them are also prevalent on the ridge route.He lives in that house that Daddy designed, up on the ridge, on Jellison Road.My fingers traced the ridges and folds of his hand.