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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishScandinavianScan‧di‧na‧vi‧an /ˌskændəˈneɪviən◂/ noun [countable]  SGsomeone from the area of northern Europe that consists of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and usually Finland and IcelandScandinavian adjective Scandinavian languages
Examples from the Corpus
ScandinavianThe presence of leprosy among Scandinavians in the Upper Mississippi Valley was unmemorable even to historians.If we had any Scandinavian in us.Wherever you look, there's Francis Foley and there are Scandinavians.Settled partly by Scandinavians, it has a tradition of liberalism, tolerance, and belief in community.Unfortunately, in 1009 a particularly large force of Scandinavians appeared.Inside the kitchen it was warm, and smiling Scandinavians gave him hot blankets and drinks to revive him.But having been once rebuffed, the Scandinavians set about collecting more evidence.