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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseawardsea‧ward /ˈsiːwəd $ -wərd/ adjective [only before noun]  SGfacing towards the sea Keep to the seaward side of the path.seaward, seawards adverb
Examples from the Corpus
seawardThere were salt marshes on the seaward side of the coastal road and Davis had found a causeway that flanked them.It is less developed, or even absent, within the lagoon and on the seaward side of the leeward reef.This is only well developed on the seaward side of the windward reef of atolls.the seaward slope of the ridgeA stone archway in the seaward wall spanned a tall ironwork gate.The first repelling impression I had received of the rock from seaward was endorsed as I looked around.An area to seaward was reclaimed by the formation of a new sea wall, this wall being completed in 1896.The air was musty; he opened the seaward window.