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southsouth3 ●●● S3 W3 adverb (written abbreviation S)  1 SGtowards the south Most of the birds had already flown south.south of a seaside town 99 km south of London a south-facing garden2 down south3 go south
Examples from the Corpus
southThe window faces south.If so, go south about three miles to Bunker Hill Road.In 1209 the force under de Montfort marched south and attacked the pretty town of Biziers.Head east on Interstate 10 to just past Tucson, then south on Arizona 83 to Sonoita.Go south on Highway 1 until you get to Monterey.A well-graded road leads south, over a bridge, crosses the freeway and continues into the desert.The sun shone brightly as we cruised over the jungle north of camp and turned south to line up on row three.south ofHua Hin is about 120 miles south of Bangkok.