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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsouthwardssouth‧wards /ˈsaʊθwədz $ -wərdz/ (also southward /-wəd $ -wərd/) adverb  towards the south We followed the coast southwards.southward adjective the southward route to Charlestown
Examples from the Corpus
southwardsAmazed, I climbed the nearest rise and looked southwards.A guest of the Errols at Slains, Stoker later retired to Whinnyfold, southwards a little along the coast.Decoy the enemy past there and on southwards for Kalemouth, another long mile.Moving southwards for the attack on London we can see that they understood the greatness of their mission.The village itself stretches for about a mile southwards from the Driffield-Bridlington road.By nightfall the whole city was burning and the few survivors were fleeing southwards towards Altdorf.Duregar's army moved steadily southwards until it reached the eastern entrance to Death Pass.