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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuburbsub‧urb /ˈsʌbɜːb $ -ɜːrb/ ●●○ noun [countable]  SGAREAan area where people live which is away from the centre of a town or city a London suburbsuburb of a suburb of Los Angeles a kid from the suburbsin a suburb Don’t you get bored living out here in the suburbs?see thesaurus at area, city
Examples from the Corpus
suburbAmy teaches at a primary school in a suburb of Atlanta.I was born and brought up in a suburb of New York City.The falls are at Neuhausen, an extension of Schaffhausen to the south, rather than a suburb of it.Last year his family bought a villa in a smart Athens suburb.His parents lived in the Balmoral suburb of south Belfast.The city and its suburbs have some 2,000 public grade crossings, 268 with whistle bans.Even in the richest suburbs there are well-concealed but frequently extensive neighborhoods inhabited by poor people.All the social workers come in from their comfortable homes in the suburbs.It invented the suburb - the most successful invention in the history of human habitation.The rich send their children to private schools and the middle classes move to the suburbs.My family moved to the suburbs when I was ten.More and more people are moving to the suburbs every year.City officials are wary of population loss to suburbs and point with pride to the overall population gain that has accompanied annexation.They have just bough a house in Pacific Palisades, a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles.suburb ofThey live in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver.