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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtidaltid‧al /ˈtaɪdl/ adjective  HEOrelating to the regular rising and falling of the seatide tidal currents
Examples from the Corpus
tidalThe tidal lagoon would provide alternative feeding grounds for birds displaced from the bay by the impounded lake.In furtherance of that, may I urge him to bend his considerable energies towards the development of solar and tidal power?Studio heads and directors ignore the long list of artistic failures and succumb to the tidal pull.The stunned production team were dealing with the tidal wave as best they could when an awful realization dawned.Her almost flat nose tended to widen at the nostrils, flaring over a tidal wave of a mouth.There is a tidal wave of youth crime, and the Government have not begun to answer it.Helena, but no one was on the beach on the side facing the tidal wave when it arrived.