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trailtrail2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 SGROAD/PATHa rough path across countryside or through a forest The trail led over Boulder Pass before descending to a lake. nature trail2 a long line or a series of marks that have been left by someone or somethingtrail of a trail of wet footprints The bus left a trail of black smoke behind it. The typhoon left a trail of devastation.3 a series of unpleasant situations or feelings that have been left by someone or somethingtrail of He left a trail of broken hearts and broken promises.4 COFOLLOWa sign that a person or animal has been in a place, used for finding or catching them The hunters lost the tiger’s trail in the middle of the jungle. Police tracked him to Valencia and there the trail went cold (=they could not find any signs of him).5 be on the trail of somebody/something6 all the places that a particular group of people visit for a particular purpose a town on the tourist trailcampaign/election trail politicians on the campaign trail7 the set of things that someone does to achieve something New players should put the team back on the winning trail. blaze a trail at blaze2(5), → hit the trail/road at hit1(13)
Examples from the Corpus
trailEvery trail on this particular prairie led to Vecchi.Griffith Park is replete with hiking trails, and Mount Hollywood is excellent for plotting future treks.It took a few months to perfect but here it is, a cookie that is like trail mix in a chip.Laser beams swept like searchlights, leaving smoking trails across the rock, as blasters were turned towards the approaching Dalek Killer.Although the trail of the Yuezhi ultimately leads to Bactria, it does not take them out of our story.The dogs followed the trail of the dying animal.There, officially, the trail ends.City officials refuse to talk about the case, but detectives say privately the trail has gone cold.I heard them call and answer, and I went on walking up the trail.The trail follows the river most of the way to Avalanche Lake.This trail leads to the lighthouse.left a trailWater poured off her and left a trail on the floor. ` Mistress Weatherwax!The avalanche from the hill overlooking Station Road, Deganwy, left a trail of destruction at the rear of the houses.Hansel, fortunately, had left a trail of pebbles behind him from the house.We regularly left a trail of trembling motorists.But in 1833 there were many brilliant fireballs that left trails of dust and smoke.One person died in the carnage, which left a trail of twisted metal across the three lanes of the west-bound carriageway.trail went coldFor one group the trail went cold.As soon as Waite vanished, the trail went cold, because the first thing his kidnappers did was separate him from his briefcase.campaign/election trailBut despite his absence his spectre dominates the campaign trail.The prize at the end of the campaign trail is premier league football next season.In a strict personality contest, the younger, more ebullient Clinton comes across best on the campaign trail.In the first 28 days of September, Clinton spent 18 days on the campaign trail visiting 21 states.Shortly after, however, he was seen out on the campaign trail, but refused to answer any questions.Richard Lugar, for instance, briefly sought the presidency themselves but died of inhibited personality traits on the campaign trail.George Bush went to great lengths to keep out of his way on the campaign trail.On the campaign trail, his oratorical skills have left much to be desired.on the winning trailGloucester are on the winning trail after their 10-3 victory over Rosslyn Park last week.By then they need to be back on the winning trail which hopefully will start on Saturday against Moseley.He's at Baden Baden today and should remain on the winning trail.Double strike ... Shearer puts Swindon on the winning trail.