2 noun
trail2 [countable]
1SG a rough path across countryside or through a forest:
The trail led over Boulder Pass before descending to a lake.
nature trail
2 a long line or a series of marks that have been left by someone or something
trail of
a trail of wet footprints
The bus left a trail of black smoke behind it.
The typhoon left a trail of devastation.
3 a series of unpleasant situations or feelings that have been left by someone or something
trail of
He left a trail of broken hearts and broken promises.
4 a sign that a person or animal has been in a place, used for finding or catching them:
The hunters lost the tiger's trail in the middle of the jungle.
Police tracked him to Valencia and there the trail went cold (=they could not find any signs of him).

be on the trail of somebody/something

to be trying to find someone or something by getting information about them:
industrial spies on the trail of technological secrets
Police believe they are hot on the trail of a drug-smuggling gang (=they are close to finding them).
6 all the places that a particular group of people visit for a particular purpose:
a town on the tourist trail
campaign/election trail
politicians on the campaign trail
7 the set of things that someone does to achieve something:
New players should put the team back on the winning trail.

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