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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunchartedun‧chart‧ed /ʌnˈtʃɑːtɪd $ -ɑːr-/ AWL adjective  1 uncharted waters/territory/area etc2 SGnot marked on any maps an uncharted island
Examples from the Corpus
unchartedNot uncommonly, studies of this kind which relate to relatively uncharted areas raise more issues than they solve.Our housework goes on behind the scenes, unnoticed, uncounted, uncharted as long as it is unpaid.Enya as a composer drifts alone in uncharted ether.Space is filled with unknown stars and uncharted galaxies.an uncharted islandSome developmental paths are blocked, while potentially novel ones lead off into uncharted terrain.When Indian politicians established mass democracy in 1947, they knew they were entering uncharted territory.Gradually the performance builds into something extraordinary, a gallant voyage into uncharted territory.Yet for this small but growing group of deep-earth geophysicists, the uncharted underworld presented a rich store of possibilities.Clearly the 49ers are sailing in uncharted waters.Other career seekers are more interested in venturing into uncharted waters.