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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuplandsup‧lands /ˈʌpləndz/ noun [plural]  SGthe parts of a country that are away from the sea and are higher than other areasupland adjective
Examples from the Corpus
uplandsIt is likely that the report will provide added ammunition to environmentalists who have for long opposed the blanket afforestation of uplands.If the uplands and woodlands were apparently settled by the twelfth century, other colonisation probably merely filled in the gaps.The majority of holdings in the uplands of Great Britain are farmed by owner-occupiers with an ageing population of farmers.Small peasant holdings predominated in the uplands.For this they grow large amounts of fodder crops on fields in the main valleys or on the lower margins of the uplands.The farmers are also helped by a Government subsidy for the number of livestock they keep on the uplands.In the region as seen from the small plane, in my case the mountains and woody uplands of the Northeast?